Anne Ingram

Hello and welcome to my website.

I'm a children's author, writing mainly for the 8-14 year old reader.



"What is Lucy going to do next?" I keep getting asked.

And, "When is the next Lucy Bee book coming out?"

Well, I'm very happy to say that the new book,  Lucy Bee & Soline, is not far away, and will be available soon.

As to what Lucy does next, the adventure begins when French exchange student, Soline arrives.

Lucy is now 15. Her friends have their career paths sorted but Lucy is floundering. She can't decide what she wants to do with her life, what she wants to be. 

When she welcomes Soline into her family home, she has no idea their friendship will lead to a visit to France and a discovery that will pave the way for an exciting career she's barely even dreamt of.

Soline, wanting a change of scene and adventure, travels to New Zealand. She's only just settling in when her sister calls from France with disturbing news - the chateau will have to be sold.

Soline desperately searches for a way to save the home her family have lived iin for generations.  And Lucy does her best to help.

Does the past hold the answers?

How important is heritage in making your who you are?