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I'm a children's author, writing mainly for the 8-14 year old reader.

My latest book, Bonjour Lucy Bee, is a sequel to Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene.
Lucy goes to France for a family reunion, expecting a fun holiday,

getting to know her second cousins. Instead, she finds herself faced with
the responsibility of hiding and caring for a young Afghan refugee.
 She will be tested to the extreme by the challenges and adventures ahead.
I was inspired to write this story while on our canal boat in France 
when I saw the plight of  young refugees driven out of their own countries
and desperate to find a safe haven, a new home. 
Sometimes they were
welcomed. Sometimes they were not.

'A deceptively gentle story about family and identity that explores
the issue of Europe's refugee crisis with great empathy and compassion. 
It's a fabulous book.'  Award winning author, Mandy Hager.

'There is nothing overly political in this book: only the truth about
human relationshops, identity and empathy.' Melissa Spark, Magpies.
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The idea for the first Lucy Bee novel, Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene, came about when
I had my children's bookstore. Young readers would come in wanting books about 
their lives, their schools, their families, their friends - things that mattered to them.
This is that novel. You can read on the next page (the Books Page) about Lucy's 
challenging predicament and what she decides to do about it.

Sea Robbers, my novel about pirates was written when I was living in Singapore. 
I kept reading reports in The Straits Times  about pirate attacks along the Malaysian
coast. Pirates! I wondered - in this day and age? But it was true. What were they like?
Imagination took over from curiosity. I knew I had to write about them. So I did.

The Asian legend series was a lot of fun to write. I visited many countries in Asia and
collected all the traditional stories I could. What I found was that, although all cultures
create their own folktales and legends which are distinctively their own, many of these
tales have common themes and similar storylines too.

This series has been translated into a number of Asian languages.

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