BLOG: March 2024

  • The Children's Bookshop
    The Children's Bookshop in Wellington was the first bookseller to take my first Lucy book, Lucy Bee & the Secret Gene when John and Ruth McIntyre owned this wonderful children's bookstore. And I am still getting reorders for it. The new owner Susan Hooper was also the first bookstore to take the last book in the Lucy series, Lucy Bee & Soline. What would we authors do without these committed booksellers and librarians who continue to put our books into the hands of young readers? A big thank you to our booksellers and librarians.
    Posted: Friday 29 March 2024
  • Books for Kids
    Just had a lovely visit to Books for Kids in Hamilton. What a joyful bookstore! It's packed with an enormous variety of good books for young readers, from toddlers to teens. And owner, ex-librarian, Megan Lindsay's enthusiasm for the importance of books means that her bookstore is a real community hub for readers of all ages - as it should be.
    Posted: Sunday 10 March 2024

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