BLOG: April 2019

  • Just what is going on in this little French village?
    My publishers, OneTree House, sent me today my first advance copy of Bonjour Lucy Bee. It looks great! I'm so pleased with the cover and the nice paper. Just to be able to hold in your hand the book you've loved and laboured over gives you a feeling of immense satisfaction and pleasure. Then, it's time to think of the launch and getting the book out to its readers.
    Posted: Monday 29 April 2019
  • ANNE INGRAM For our refugees
    As New Zealanders were all devastated by the news of terrorist attacks in Christchurch on our people in our place! So many of our communities nationwide have rallied in support of those who have lost family and friends in this terrible tragedy. Flowers, food, love and counselling, fund-raising, rallies against religious and racial intolerance, ecumenical services, concerts, and more. Our calligraphy club also wanted to show our support. Individually, we may have donated money, but we also wa
    Posted: Wednesday 3 April 2019

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